About us

Who are we?

Space Invaders is led by 6 of us who work in Museums and Heritage: Andrea Cunningham, Babs Guthrie, Sharon Heal, Polly Richards and Mel Strauss, Sara Wajid.

The campaign was the brainchild of Sara, Andrea, Sharon and Mel who came up with it after attending a Network for Change Confidence-Choice-Connections residential.

What is Network for Change?

Network for Change is a group for women leaders in museums, galleries and the heritage sector. They meet regularly for residencies, conferences, smaller mentoring sessions and cluster groups.

The group was developed as part of a national Women Leaders in Museum Network (WLMN) leadership programme, called ‘Confidence-Choice-Connections’, which ran throughout 2015 and was designed to reach and influence aspiring women leaders in the museum and heritage sector.

Read Sara’s thoughts on Confidence-Choice-Connections in her comment on the Museums Association website.