What’s the Space Invaders campaign about?

Space Invaders is a campaign for change for women in museums and heritage. We see inequality in the sector and we’re claiming equal space:

  • Equal power and influence, with more women leading our institutions
  • Fair conditions, with day-to-day working life designed to meet our needs
  • Our stories told, with real representation in collections, narratives and displays

Read more in our manifesto for change

What have we done so far?

Since March 2016, we’ve drawn hundreds of women together to talk about the change we want to see at events across London and Birmingham.

We’ve been thinking about what feminist leadership looks like. Identifying our blockers. And framing meaningful actions to overcome them.

This July we launched our manifesto on a live video stream with a hundred of our closest feminists and eminent researchers.

We also started our blog with on feminist leadership. And we’re working on our podcast of conversations with women in the sector.

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Who are we?

Space Invaders is led by 6 feminists who work in Museums and Heritage: Andrea Cunningham, Babs Guthrie, Sharon Heal, Polly Richards, Mel Strauss and Sara Wajid.

Mel, Polly, Sara, Andrea, Sharon and Babs at the Women Power Protest exhibition in Birmingham Art Gallery

Our super powers include, rousing speaking, sharp accessorising, rigorous research, effortless organising and strong power posing at heritage sites across the UK.

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