Women of colour in leadership

For this week’s podcast, our Sara Wajid talks to Dr Nirmal Puwar about her research into the challenges women leaders face, particularly women leaders of colour.

Hit play to hear Sara and Nirmal discuss what she found out interviewing women museum leaders, why her book is called Space Invaders and how it feels to enter a space that wasn’t designed for people like you.

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Episode 2 of Space Invaders podcast – Women of colour in leadership

Nirmal and Sara

Dr Nirmal Puwar is a Reader at Goldsmith’s College. She wrote the book Space Invaders: race, gender and bodies out of place and leads a research project on gender and race in museum leadership.

Follow Nirmal on Twitter: @SpacialMutation

Sara Wajid is one of the original founders of Space Invaders and founder of Museum Detox. She was Head of Engagement at the Museum of London and is a trustee of the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford. Sara is CEO of Birmingham Museums Trust alongside Zak Mensah.

Follow Sara on Twitter: @Waji35

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Presented by Sara Wajid :: Produced by Lucy Harland :: Recorded on Zoom during lockdown – so please excuse sound quality!

Published by Space Invaders

Intersectional #Feminists claiming equal space for women (incl trans) + non binary folk in heritage. We want: Equal power and influence, fair conditions, our stories told

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