New logo, same old fighting the patriarchy

We’re really pleased to announce our new logo, kindly created by designer and photographer Scott Wigglesworth. 

We’re updating our logo because our old one wasn’t very accessible. Plus we needed one we could adapt for our sister groups! Check them out on Twitter: 

What’s changed?

Our new logo is a bit like the old one but more fancy. 

  • We’ve kept the loud hailer because we’re not going to stop speaking up for women, trans and non binary folk in the sector. 
  • With great sadness we’re saying goodbye to our computer game monster twitter logo. Although they’ll always have a place in our hearts.
  • We’ve updated our website too, so it’s easier to find what you want. We’ll be doing more work in the coming weeks so keep checking back.

Who is Scott?

Scott is a feminist photographer who’s based in Cumbria. He designed our logo for free as a volunteer. So you should definitely all check out his work on his website and follow him on Twitter!

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Intersectional #Feminists claiming equal space for women (incl trans) + non binary folk in heritage. We want: Equal power and influence, fair conditions, our stories told

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