Our stories told

Intergenerational group of women at a protest

We want to see women represented equally in collections, narratives and displays.

  • Women’s history and perspectives included in all museums and historic sites
  • Art and design by women equally represented in acquisitions and displays
  • Wider gender equality issues highlighted through interpretation, exhibitions and events

Feminist exhibitions and good practice

Representation audits

Paisley Museum Re-Imagined and the Museum of London have been using tools to prompt critical thinking during the research and development of their new galleries and they have kindly shared them for Museum Space Invaders to use.

Download these templates and use them to audit your draft gallery content. You may not be able to fill in answers for all the boxes and you may want to add your own categories. But they should inspire you to explore new ways of interpreting your objects and prioritising a more relevant, representative and inclusive approach to your gallery content.

Women Up

A radical six year program that lifts up the women artists in La Galleria Nazionale

Glasgow Women’s Library

Explore projects and exhibitions that centre domestic violence survivors, activists, lesbian and migrant voices and wider women’s history. Visit Glasgow Women’s Library project page




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